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Our content team aims to produce strategic content to the right audience for your brand including photographers, cinematographers, and designers to maximises consumer engagement.

Let IVOIRE MANAGEMENT develop, fortify and magnify your brand's message globally. Our team is here to create content management, copy and customer relations, and strategy aiming to boost your brand and give an understood and clear target market.

We work with major influencers giving brand the opportunity to expand and growth internationally. IVOIRE MANAGEMENT make sure brands are aligned within its target market.

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Brand Development 

IVOIRE MANAGEMENT aims to give more visibility and credibility among the consumer market. As a team, we will create one of the most credible forms of promotion. 

An event enhances the image of the brand in various ways: increased presence, reinforced brand-awareness and an optimized reputation. Further, it forges important connections with both customers and other potential partners. Let's party! 

IVOIRE MANAGEMENT will help you stand out in a saturated market and give you credibility. Having a strong brand works to build customer recognition. 

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Oceanus Swimwear 

Oceanus is on a mission to redefine swimwear and empower women. Designed with the intention of turning heads, each piece in the collection evokes a sense of self-expression to help women stand out and feel powerful. The brand exudes confidence through its unique textures without compromising on sustainability. Each piece is made from recycled, eco-friendly materials and hand embroidered with Swarovski crystals. Oceanus reflects the confident attitude of 80s glamour evening wear which is a constant reference point for the brand.

Bedat & Co Geneve

BEDAT & CO GENEVE was founded by Madame Simone Bédat. A Swiss national with a lifetime of experience working at the very top of the Swiss luxury timepiece industry. Inspired by the aesthetic traditions of the Art deco era with femininity at its very core, a BEDAT & CO GENEVE timepiece radiates elegance, functionality and beauty. BEDAT & CO GENEVE seeks to always channel the unique aesthetic vision and belief in comfort, emotion and function into a single entity for the wrist and in so doing to captivate women. 

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Akosha Swimwear 

Akosha Swim is a cutting edge luxury bikini brand that thrives on the design and action of being different. The vision of Fort Lauderdale based designer Anna Newsome, a small town Oklahoma girl turned South Florida bikini designer. 

Anna is addicted to the city and the beach..where she finds inspiration for all of her uniquely designed bikinis. Akosha Swim embodies the girl who is always on top of the fashion wave and everything that the beach lifestyle has to offer.


V.RAIKOPOULOS & CO with years of experience in the fashion industry has introduced something new to the local production with the creation of «Φoutà «. Combining Mediterranean tradition with modern lifestyle, created an exotic and colorful blend of 100% natural woven fabrics in a variety of textures, shapes, colors and styles. Since 1989 V.RAIKOPOULOS & CO remains a Greek company with unique choices in styles, colors, confident of the quality of its products, in constant search of new technologies and priority optimum customer service.

Super Cute Miami

SuperCute Miami is an online clothing boutique that provides quality fashionable pieces for the everyday woman. Our brands feminine, elegant and effortlessly sexy aesthetic is expressed throughout our collections each season. We strive to curate the best fashion collectibles for the confident woman who wants to conquer the world, the conservative girl picking her poison or the outgoing fashionista exploring all of her stylistic whims. Our mission is to empower women from all walks of life, one outfit at a time.