A unique creative agency



As the advertising world shifts to a digital- first focus, the demand for creativity in marketing rise ever-more than before. IVOIRE MANAGEMENT is specialised to create a modern makeover that transforms brands into a more engaging business. 


We are a creative agency offering a fusion of branding and communications via digital marketing and graphic design. We help companies to develop and enforce imaginative solutions to help businesses increase brand awareness, showcase products or services, and ultimately increase profits throughout marketing channels, whether its via commercials, social media, or through prints ads or events. 




Angelika Zaugg 


Founder & CEO 


Angelika Zaugg is the Founder & CEO of IVOIRE MANAGEMENT established in 2021. She was born in Russia but lived most of her life in Switzerland. She then moved to the United States and lived between Miami, New York and Los Angeles. Angelika gained a more in-depth knowledge about markets and the cultural understanding. Angelika always desired to be an entrepreneur and to be able to make a positive impact on society. She fancied to make a difference by helping companies to reach their goals. Throughout the years Angelika witnessed a drastic increase in the emergence of new brand. Angelika decided to launch IVOIRE MANAGEMENT, a management company that is all about helping and collaborating with others to find synergies. The creative agency aims to help build brands from scratch to ensure they align with the founder’s vision and the respective market place. Angelika find happiness in seeing the progress that leads to greater achievements.